Friday, September 18, 2015

The weight has lifted

New Orleans

Well, the bastards are letting me work out my 2 weeks so far. Drats.

I think when they get some sucker to take on this job they will ditch me quick, they do not want me telling them shit. The other 2 guys who used to work for them can tell them all the shit they need to know.

I am just going to decompress and I think I have a few fun things I can do. I really do not want to go back to working for idiots. I told BD it is his turn to make all the money and be the provider. I will be the fun person.

I just need to keep busy and entertain myself. And y'all of course.

They called me down today to review a squeak and rattle. This involved me laying on the cement floor under the vehicle (they did give me a piece of cardboard to lay on) with a flashlight saying yea, that looks okay to me. WTF. The engineer is supposed to show up Monday.

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