Saturday, September 26, 2015

Seeing is believing, or where's the meat

I know it is obscure, just give me a minute.

All I am doing at work is what must be done, as any good short timer knows. Doing my job but not killing myself. When there is not a lot to do I walk around the top floor of the plant to get my steps in for my fitbit. Going down the main path where all the biggies walk everyday, and often multiple times a day, I saw this group of pieces of raw bacon on the floor.

Now, there are multiple janitorial techs in this joint, I am usually tripping over them and their mops, so I was not so much concerned about the bacon being cleaned up, that was a given. I was perplexed by whom and why were "they" were carrying around enough raw bacon to lose part of it and not miss it.

This bacon was still there when I left, not all of it but mostly a lot of it. Kind of like Princess Bride.

The next day to my astonishment the bacon was still there. I kept checking all day and yep, still there. When I was leaving that second day of "the bacon still on the floor", I said what the hell and took the picture. Not as good as the open Vaseline in the restroom but still something unusual. And if questioned I could say, come on this shit has been on the floor for 2 days. And really they are gonna walk me out of the plant over bacon photos?

Today, day three, in a different hallway what do I find, another piece of raw bacon.

This is starting to worry me.


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