Sunday, September 13, 2015

The cat escaped

Big Daddy likes my shoes.

One of my biggest fears is the cat getting outside. She was a rescue from the wilds and sits by the front door when the dog is out looking like a she is nonchalantly gonna make a run for it. I am very cautious about that door and have yelled at Big Daddy numerous times to "shut the fucking door".

Saturday the door was open and BD heard this loud and plaintive meowing. The delivery man had stuck a package inside the door and it had not fully shut. And yep, she made a run for it, and no one knew.

As far as we know, she never left the porch and was sitting there asking back in after only a few minutes. The grass was not greener. She is much more like a dog than a cat, and she knows Sammy barks to get in, so I am thinking that was her version of "let me in, you cretins".

From here on, the screen gets locked when the door is open.

I sent an email to the author of Doll-baby and she responded. I love when that happens. 3 authors have answered my emails, other 2 are Stuart Woods and Anne Rice. Speaking of Anne, I could not finish her latest, I think it is called Prince Lestat. Don't know if it is her or me, but just did not hold my interest.

Still working on switching summer to fall. This is a big task.


  1. Our cats are desperate to escape and run to the doors every time they are opened. Occasionally the black one gets out and we have to chase her around the house and the garden - until she wants to be caught. The have been indoor cats for 6 years could not survive outside.

    1. Neither could Zoey, she has no front claws.