Thursday, September 17, 2015

What my Canadian friend called "Dusted and Done"

New Orleans 10 years ago

Well, today it happened. I had it. You can push me so far and then I am done. And when I am done there is no coming back.

I cannot work for the guy I report to, he does not like me, I am tired of being treated like shit and I am done.

So tomorrow I am sending in my resignation, at 4:30 AM, my usual time to check and respond to emails, and then I will be free. I already feel free. I actually felt better when I wrote the email.

They will probably send me home, although no one ever has, as they may not want me repping them when I have given notice, we will see.

I am hearing a lot of comments on people not happy with the UAW contract negotiations and talking about dropping out of the union. I doubt it will happen, but this will be worth watching for the short term. I heard when the union took over the VEBA a lot of top level people double dipped and got the extra pay and pension for themselves. That pissed a few people off.

Tomorrow I have to quit, have a new cleaning lady, and may need to blow dry my hair. This Agency I use for the cleaning lady is going through them like I go through tissue in the morning. We will see.

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  1. I am glad you get to retire. I tried it for a couple years and started a printing company, which I 'think' I enjoy most of the time. At least I can check on Cooper whenever I want, which is the most important thing of things.

    I had a delightful trip to South Dakota, which is Home.