Sunday, September 20, 2015

All our pictures were taken in  New Orleans because we went there every chance we had.

My "person I report to" is really mucking up the job. He is telling people that have sorted these parts since October 22nd of last year to quit sorting for some things and only sort for what he wants sorted.

He is not sorting for the item found last week which will put his tit in wringer, nor is he taking into consideration that these people are trained to look at every inch of these parts and find shit we have never imaged could go bad.

Big Daddy is trying to fix the bathroom tub because it is always more fun to spend an entire day fucking around with the plumbing and making numerous trips to Lowes, and then call the plumber in on Monday. Twice as much time and money, but hey, you are now the big breadwinner so you spend it how you see it.

All the TV shows start up this week, I am so excited.

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