Saturday, September 12, 2015

I do not like children

Random Curly

I said there would be no more baby pictures and that is true, no more pictures of my grandchild.

This is a random girl child that cried and fussed while I was trying to eat my lunch. My only complaint, her parents had a barefoot Curly when the temps were in the 60's. And the child did not say hello Ms. Nola Rice. Other than that she was fine.

So while I was gone,

Read a fabulous new book, Doll-baby by Laura Lane McNeal, this is as good as or even better than The Help. I could not put it down and felt so bad when it was over as I wanted to read more. This is a great new author. It did make me cry.

The Seldon Standard restaurant is off the list. Went there last Sunday and the clean factor has dropped below my standards. No more. And by the by, when you set all your wine glasses where the sun shines down and they are spotted and yucky, that does not help the "below clean factor".

I was mad at myself for not taking more pictures and when I went to the ladies room Friday I found an open Vaseline jar (off brand) on the toilet paper holder. This was so damn odd I went to take a photo and found I had left my phone in my office. This happened 2 more times. I am a dunce. And who takes a jar of Vaseline to the plant and leaves it open in the stall. ***When I went the second time to check it had been moved, this is getting stranger and stranger.

Big Daddy was out of town and that is part of the reason I was off line-too busy and not in a fun mood,

His cat Miss Zoey cat started sleeping on my side in bed, the side opposite the DOG, the enemy. Those two are just not getting along. And I read cat food is really not good for dogs and Sammy Dog does not want to believe that.

I am gonna try and get some garden pics tomorrow as that is getting luscious.