Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Flying Wallenda protege, Miss Zoey

Gosh darn we were young.

Well I am talking on the phone to my mom and I hear all this ruckus. Turning around I find Miss Zoey kitty cat on top of the cabinets over the wet bar and she cannot get down. WTF. My question is how the hell did she get up there. And did she learn her lesson. I was in a panic and thought of calling the fire department to get her down and then I remembered the chair. So I pulled over the chair and climbed up on it Chinese style and managed to nab her. And I do not think she was appropriately grateful.

Big Daddy still does not have his bag but his comrade has his, albeit after a bit of a brouhaha. The front desk brought Mr. T's bag to BD's room and BD told them to take it to room 1234, for Mr. T. So they sent it back to Hong Kong Airport. This was from mainline China, no easy feat. Mr. T's bag was rescued and united with Tom right before they were closed off in the airplane to sit and wait 2 hours for ATC. That means the military has shut down the airspace and shut up. You know this is happening when they shut the aircraft door and bring out the food carts. And everyone gets boxes of rolls and pickle relish. Good to know things are same over there.

Mr. T, being the trainee has offered to share his clothes with BD and has fresh unopened packs of underwear from Costco. BD is in heaven.


  1. I once had a ticket person send my luggage to some town I hadn't even heard of in Kansas instead of Jarkarta... I was in the security line when I decided to check on the airport codes and sure enough, I'd be with one change of underwear in a strange land. I hope things are worked out soon for him.

    1. Still no bag and he is returning Sat.