Sunday, June 12, 2016

And Delta does it again.

Well, after what seemed like a century of travel to China Big Daddy arrived to find that Delta had lost his bag. They sent him an email. Everyone can track the lost bag, Delta, BD, aliens and such-I guess everyone but the rampers who put about 100 people's bags on the wrong plane. Because that is the way Delta rolls, slightly off kilter.

My kitty cat was in my bed this morning so that means she is not happy either.

BD tells me Waze is working in China, Shenzen area. Don't know about Hong Kong.

I was so bored last night I bought the movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, biggest waste of $15.99 in a long time.

About this evil jackass in Orlando, WTF is wrong with these people? I wonder if the tags of hate crimes, terrorism, and such is just bullshit. I think these may be just sick assholes that want fame and somewhere in their twisted minds they really believe that they are God. All the way back to Jim Jones and the Kool Aid. Maybe these fucks are just nut jobs. Except for those asshats and the virgins. Why do guys want virgins? So no one knows they are crappy at sex?

Peace be with you.

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