Friday, June 10, 2016

Regular crap

Until I figure out the picture thing you get what you get. And that expression kinda says it all.

Delta Airlines has once again figured out a way to piss off their customers. They cannot sell the middle seats for any amount of money. So they made them comfort seats and upgrade the low level assholes like Big Daddy and put them in those seats. Yes, they took BD from an exit row aisle to a middle "comfort' seat and called it an upgrade. Listening to the phone conversation between BD and the "Calcutta" Delta rep was a hoot. Because once you are upgraded you cannot change your seat yourself, you have to call "Calcutta" and ask them to help you.

I have been looking for a new lipstick and for some reason chose Revlon Color Stay Suede. It is kinda like having the driest ugliest lips ever. Buyer beware.

The crooked house now has a crooked driveway. Could not get pics but I will try this week.

Punkin Head is in the twin cities for a conference and tells me he is in the shabbiest Sheraton ever. I am looking forward to those pics.

Mom and I furniture shopped this week and I was pleasantly surprised by the Lazy Boy store. Next week we are going to Barnes and Noble and this I fear, my mom could spend days in a bookstore without food or water. This one does have a Star Bucks so I can get crappy food and coffee while I wait.

BD is off to China tomorrow so the cat and I are on our own. And we are not happy.

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