Thursday, June 16, 2016

Oh My God

 Still using random old pictures as I have not taken any time to figure out the photo mess.

Zoey is still jumping up on the cabinets as she figured out how to get down. In a kind of clumsy fashion. This is where I wonder is having no claws my hurt her cat abilities. Not sure although I am sure it does not help with the mousing. But we don't have any more mice at the moment.

Big Daddy still does not have his bag and he only has one more day in China. He got the top dog executive assistant from China to give it a go as he knew she was fluent and owed him. We will see.

Could not take mom out today as the IBS is not giving me a break. I don't know if the expensive probiotics recommended by the doctor don't work or take longer to work. Whatever.

I am rather disturbed by the pictures of the "lagoon" where the little boy was snatched by the gator. I have been to Disney World and the Grand Floridian is the expensive hotel. And those beaches look to me like an attractive nuisance. When I saw the pictures of the area I almost fell off my chair.  I mean really they are a lure to spend time in the sand by the water. Not a good thing. I wonder just how Disney is gonna fix this.

My son is all Disney is great but I remember the recent H1B fiasco, the monorails going out of control and killing an employee, and rumblings that things are not perfect in the Magic Kingdom. But this little boy dying, this one is way too ugly to sweep under the Magic Carpet.


  1. The lagoon thing makes no sense to me. If there are alligators in there why was there not a big childproof fence around it? I always like the thrill of waiting for bags and the palpitations when it appears (if it does).

    1. Big Daddy got his back and put it in the overhead on the flight home, just too much bullshit. Fences at Disney would not fit in with the perfect world they like to project.