Thursday, October 22, 2009

Day 2 at Plant Loco

This is absolutely the worst start-up I have ever seen. 4 major incidents, 3 vehicles damaged, 1 evacuation, and not enough parts on the line at any given time. Whew. And they are still painting amid this mess. Wet paint everywhere.

Had pigs in a blanket, Parmesan, from Trader Joe's today for dinner and they were not bad for purchased frozen food. Took some lentil and andouille soup out the freezer for tomorrow. Thank you Big Daddy.

Went to Fed Ex and the gas station with no problems.

Still no budget in Michigan, Principal in Detroit Public schools resigns due to the wild west atmosphere, Dave Bing is telling Detroit they are broke again, Robert Bobb is trying to root out all the corruption in the schools and Plant Loco is going on a 6 day 10 hour schedule until build out. Crazy.

Gotta get ready tomorrow is garbage day.

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