Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Yep, still the crying lady

This is getting to be ridiculous. Still crying, phone still does not work, and just oh shit. Punkin Head and The Lady left today, all is well there. We took pictures and the camera to computer thing is not working right. As if anything is. I still do not have a storm window on the back door. Camouflage camera is on the pool table because I am supposed to give this to a hunter. Who knew. It takes too many batteries to hunt down robbers. HuH?

Went to Trader Joes yesterday for lesson 2 on shopping. They have already cooked food. Not like a rotisserie chicken, like cooked chicken sliced in strips with flavoring from the cooking. Also they have shrimp that is cooked and you only have to put it in a colander and rinse it off. WTF.

Skype worked today and I saw Big Daddy for the first time in a really tawdry hotel room in France. Makes Hampton Hotels look pretty good. Except they have really good restaurants and windows that open in France.

Have to get my visa pictures, and sundries and gasoline tomorrow. More fun.

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