Monday, October 5, 2009

First Day on My Own

Ok, I know I am nuts. There is a website where you can track flights. So of course I did. And when the flight landed (early) and should have cleared customs and I had not heard from Big Daddy I called on the new overseas phone. It did not work. And Big Daddy did not call. And there was some strange message on the flight thing that indicated to me that something was strange.

Well, Big Daddy finally called from a pay phone. The new phone does not work. His cohort for some reason also contributed to his dilemma either with no company phone or another non-working phone. The bank called this morning with an automated message his debit card has a hold on it for strange activity and I forgot how to call overseas to call his boss to tell him he has no money.

So far this is working out great. And I miss my dog. Well, there is no where to go but uphill here.

Punkin Head here on Friday with The Woman. Hope she doesn't hate me and I am not found running naked down Lakeshore screaming "how do you call France"? And when I learn calling France is calling FC gonna be all different again? AArgh, my new crossword puzzle word of the day.

And who knew there were still pay phones?

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