Thursday, October 15, 2009

It is not a pretty day

Chilly and blustery, grey skies and no people outside. Went out yesterday to lunch. Friend picked me up when I got home had all intentions of getting my picture taken and doing some shopping but Issues demons are upon me. Got to the CVS parking lot when I decided home was better. Hope this doesn't last long. Last time it was really bad it lasted for months.

Feel somewhat better now that I have tickets for FC and they only cost $110.00 and some American Express points. Tickets are Business and First class so I don't have to be crammed in the back for days and non-stop on the way over. Works for me, thank you Continental Airlines.

Big Daddy's phone and computer are working now, but he is leaving for Paris in the morning and then FC so I am sure the nuttiness will start all over again. Doesn't get to his new home until Thursday or Friday next week so I am sure communication will again be a problem.

Need to say Happy Birthday to The Lady and wish her all the best. Hope Punkin Head's plans are successful and make you happy. He takes after his daddy which makes me happy. He was too funny in telling me he braved up for the spider sweeping because I needed him. Much love to you both. Picture thing still not working. Will only post them on private email if I ever get it figured out.

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