Sunday, October 11, 2009

Why is that lady always crying?

I am sure that is the question many are asking. I feel so foolish. And I really need to have tissues in my pocket. And sunglasses. Maybe they will think I am a movie star and just lost a starring role in the latest Brad Pitt movie.

First I went to get my hair done. Shaky but no tears. However I had to tell hair lady that the last haircut sucked. When she blew it out and saw the problem she agreed. Then we had to fix it. My hair is different and we both think it is stress. Texture and curls are not the same. She asked me if it was falling out. Yikes. Gave me a new product to try as curly hair is no longer an option.

Went to the special market for foodstuffs and got reprimanded by an old lady. I was in her way. Twice. Then she explained to me why carts have wheels. This was so bizarre I actually found myself looking at the wheels as if I had never seen them before. It may be time to go to Kroger and pretend I don't speak english.

Massage lady thinks I need to go to a physical therapist. Cannot afford a physical therapist so I am doing book exercises on a roller. Don't ask. Walking for hours on cement may not be that good for me.

Punkin Head and The Lady are doing fine on the wedding visit. She is very nice. She has a sense of humor and can have a conversation. We approve. Punkin Head is taking after his daddy, made her coffee and took it in to her. I approve. Don't get me wrong, this is not a high maintenance lady, but everyone should be spoiled a little bit. Today is the wedding, it is outside, and I just hope they don't freeze their asses off. It was 33 degrees when they left. Brrr.

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