Saturday, October 24, 2009

Life Goes on

Met a woman at Trader Joe's who gave me the skinny on cheap flights to NYC to visit Punkin Head. Her son lives in Brooklyn Heights. She also has a house in France. She was hunting for bargain wines. It is still true. Grosse Pointers are cheap. I am getting cheap myself. Won't turn on the lights. First it was to save money. Now it so I don't have to change light bulbs all by myself. What if I am up on a ladder and fall? I don't have one of those things hanging on my neck to call for help.

Big Daddy is not happy with our new apartment. Thinks we are getting pimped. He will be on the warpath to fix this Sunday. No Internet, no phone,no cable and one bath with a futon in the second bedroom. And the locks had to be fixed first thing. Compared his digs to his co-workers digs and he thinks there is something suspicious going on. Hhhmmm. He said shopping was great tho, and ex-pats very kind to each other. Bought about 70 US dollars food for 15 FC money. Good thing cause we are still broke.

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