Sunday, November 29, 2009

6 days to go-Bye Bye Detroit

I leave next Saturday for FC and need one more day to get everything right. Normally on vacation, although this really is not a vacation, I don't worry about a thing or two missing or not done or that I might have to buy something when I am there. Well, not this time. Do not know for sure what I need, what I can buy, or when I may have an opportunity to look for anything.

I will be travelling to towns where Big Daddy does business and does not shop. He gets picked up at the hotel and driven back at the end of the day. And some of the FC citizens don't take kindly the Americans. Don't hurt you or anything, they just refuse to communicate or sell you items. Go home Yankees.

And I need to make sure I have stuff here in case I fly back into a snow storm or worse. Get home at midnight and having visions of my roof caved in. Big Daddy says buy smokes at Duty Free, don't know how to do that. Change money at airport but no one knows if FC money is available. Curb check-in I hope or I have to find one of those cart guys. And I need a ton of Dramamine. Don't know if I can buy that over there and will be flying on a lot of suspect airlines.

Plant Loco finally got the yard clean Saturday without my help. I was out there Friday at 34 degrees with high winds and it was a mess. No help, me and Jim trying to check 2000 vehicles and write down VIN numbers. Then they wanted us to repair the vehicles as we found them with alcohol wipes. I told them not happening dude. That was crazy. Then at 1:30 after they ate lunch they all appeared and told me I was not doing it right. At that point I explained I was frozen to death and did not give a shit. I said 4 more vehicles and I am outta here. That is when they offered to drive me around in a car. And you wonder why they went bankrupt. WTF. Keep in mind this was a National holiday and I had to work on a corporate holiday with no compensation other than my boss saying he would take care of it next year.

Well thanks to their poor management and labor practices, as exhibited in this latest yard hold, I am going to FC to check out my new home and job opportunities. And I am seeing no improvement to think I can move back to the US in the near future. Looks like I will move permanently in the winter or spring of 2010.

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