Sunday, November 22, 2009

I finally have a minute to chat

Been a busy month. Plant Loco crazy, people in general are crazy and I am trying to stay on a schedule. I don't know how some people do it. People are telling me they sleep 4 or 5 hours and so do their kids. That is not right.

I still have the title of Garbage Queen, 5 bags this week. How do I have so much garbage?

Went shopping for clothes for visit to FC. I have worn out so many clothes I am throwing things out with holes instead of donating "gently used items". Everything I looked at was made in FC. WTF, I won't have time to shop there and am paying triple prices here. And I need to dress casual. That is the worn out work clothes. And there are no black jeans in my size. You gotta be kidding me. And I have to go to a party with Big Daddy's bosses in casual clothes. Who knows what casual is in FC.

Big Daddy moved into our new apartment today and he is ecstatic. Except he is thinking of decorating it. NO NO NO. And it does not have an adequate hair dryer so I have to lug that thing across the world. Great. However I can get an at home massage for 7US dollars. I don't think so. I will go across the garden and get my massage. Oh and we have regular heat and internet now. And the washer/dryer works properly.

Big Daddy finds out tomorrow if he gets his residency permit and passport back. This is after he picks up his shoes he forgot to pack at the hovel. His HR manager did not understand the word hovel, but agreed to send the driver for the shoe pick-up prior to the passport meeting. And Big Daddy may find out tomorrow if he actually has insurance or not. They are not real big on that over there. Explaining things and having meetings.

Plant Loco is still in disarray. Some days they work 10 hours and some days they work 4 hours. So on Saturday they worked some straight time and this does make for happy campers. Defective parts from suppliers usually incur huge charge backs, not when you set yourself up to own said supplier. Hard lesson to learn, especially on my dime since the taxpayers are fronting the money for this experiment. 6 more work days and then I am done for the year. I am also getting the impression my boss may let me go the first of the year. I have some feelers out as FC has some problems at Plant Loco. Wonder if they could use my help? I would do it on the short term, as I am finding out I may get college tuition from the state to go back to school for a better degree. Hmmm. Lots to think about.

Less than 2 weeks until I leave for FC. Getting anxious, nervous and excited at the same time.

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