Sunday, November 8, 2009

Busy week for some reason

Nothing in particular just seemed like there is a lot to do. Got my dryer fixed. $254.00. Glad it is an original Maytag. Haven't heard from the dishwasher guy, he said a week or more. Bosch parts are hard to find. That's another couple hundred. Mercy. Thought the icemaker was broken too but it is making cubes again. Not a clue what happened there. Saw the neighbor kid yesterday and reminded him about the light fixture. Then I remembered I need to go to the hardware store and ask if the storm window might be done this year.

Made the appointment for my Visa application and have to fill out the forms. Once I send in my passport I cannot leave the country until I get it back. No more Canada trips.

Plant Loco is still loco. Can't make their builds, can't get parts to the line, still damaging my parts and now the problems they never fixed are coming back to haunt them. Two people were walked out of the plant for having a traffic incident after work. Drama to the max, involved a rear ender and then a brick through the window. Ouch.

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