Thursday, November 26, 2009

I think I have the flu

Fever, chills, aches, cough and snuffy nose and popping ears. Called in sick yesterday and spent the entire day up to 6:30 on the phone due to Plant Loco crazies. They put the yard on hold and now they can't quite justify what the problem is.

So on Friday, my company holiday I will be a Plant Loco with the whacko people trying to do who knows what. Outside. In the rain. WTF. With my bag of used tissues and of course my box of tissues. Wet tissues. Shit.

Then asshole dishwasher repair guy gets here with the long awaited part. First he asks to pee. Then he needs to turn off the circuit breaker. Then he is on the phone telling the company it is the wrong part. He then tells me he will have the right part sometime on Friday. I said, "Wait a minute-you told me it takes 10 days to order this part from the factory." Then he tells me the part is in Cleveland as if that makes sense. So I asked him to go turn the circuit breaker back on and he tells me that he never found it. WTF. So I called his boss and requested an explanation. Hmmm, she will call me back.

Oh yea, I asked my boss if I was getting my holiday back and he said yes. I said good I will need it next week. He said not til next year. I said you are firing me the first of the year. He said no, not really, we will talk the first of the year.

4 more days of work, one of which is free, and 8 days to FC.

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