Sunday, November 1, 2009

Detroit is crazy


Kwame came back to tell us all why he can't make his payments-he does not know who pays his rent or if his wife works. Yea right. Is this like don't ask, don't tell?

Plant Loco cannot make the build schedule due to many issues but my favorite is that they have no parts. Got a call that they were out of 2 of my parts. Went to count them with the cycle checker. He could not find the parts. He did not know that they were moved 10 days ago. I found the hi-lo driver to find the parts and she told me she counted them all yesterday and gave me the bay locations. There were over 5000 of both part. WTF. And this is why Production Control is driving to the service warehouse for parts? You need to fix it again, Tony.

Getting the shopping under control but now the housework and yard work is falling behind. Had to get out my Leatherman to fix a loose doorknob and now I have to change all the clocks and watches. Great. Did not buy the rotisserie chicken because everyone told me $8.99 is too much. Have not had real food in a week. Punkin Head tells me Blueberrys are out of season so what am I supposed to put in the Greek Yogurt? I do not frozen berries are going to work. How many do you defrost a day?

This week I have to fill out all the Medical Insurance papers and drop them off, fill out the Visa and make an appointment, and look over my performance review. Also do my expense report and I forgot to tell my boss I am taking someone to lunch. Yikes. Oh and I gotta go pay the water bill, they fixed the entrance to the city offices.

Big Daddy posted pictures of our new apartment and it looks small. And this is not the current apartment he hates. I mean small. Good thing I don't like to cook because 2 of us are not fitting in that kitchen.

Still averaging 4 bags of garbage a week for one person. This is still a mystery to me---why do I have the most garbage. Cookie Lady has still not cleaned up her yard, and she has no garbage debacle. Hmmm.

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