Monday, November 23, 2009

Me and the dishwasher repair guy

This is getting to the point of ridiculus. Calls me begging for the second time today to come early. I said to him, dude I work for a living. How does he think I am paying this 300.00 repair bill. I will never use him again. Phooey. So he is coming tomorrow and I am gritting my teeth.

Going in the morning to pick up my Visa and then I will see how long I can stay and visit in FC.

Plant Loco is worse than ever. I cannot even get a conversation with these dudes. I am just doing what needs done without an authority. And they better not question me or I might just get a little nasty. World Class my ass. These guys can't find their ass with both hands.

Well due to the Dishwasher guy I did not get my pants hemmed and can't do it tomorrow so for sure on Wednesday gotta get to the hemmer dude or I will have no pants to wear in FC. And I still gotta check out the luggage situation.

5 more work days and 11 days until I leave. And Big Daddy bought balcony chairs and flatware. Help me.

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