Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fertility in China, or how to keep your testicles

Every thing in China is fertile, the ground because they burn it on a regular basis, outside my 5 star hotel.

The buffalo because they eat the garbage outside my 5 star hotel.

The people because they rub the buffalo shit on their heads, this is from a Chinese person knowledgeable in shit rubbing.

**It is lucky to rub buffalo shit on your head if you are a poor Chinese sucker, this has not worked so far but they keep the faith.

The waiter that gets the white, blond haired woman as a customer gets extra tips when he has to tell the assholes to put their shoes back on in the restaurant. Fertile ground.

Not so fertile is the ground the supplier is walking when asking us to go to dinners of whirly birds, and Kareoke (sp) and massages. What the fuck, I am not getting naked, singing and eating out of the same bowl with you. Nuhuh, nada, never, no way.

And if you really want to how I feel about this just come around for dinner one night, you might just get your balls squashed, not very fertile for you.


  1. Of course not, it is as pleasant as can be and I will follow up with pictures when I return to Shanghai. Do not think I can get the guy with the shit on his head tho, he keeps running away.