Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Autumn Festival

Or as I call it, a plot to get every Chinese person on the streets and in the stores at the exact same moment that I want to be there. Most everything was closed so the few stores and restaurants open were crammed with Chinese shoppers and stupid ex-pats. I did not see any sales, just people hanging out.

My new DVD store is not making me happy, they still do not have The Help. So I got the insipid looking and sounding Bridesmaids and The Tree of Life. We are almost finished with the Drop Dead Diva series and I am most grateful that it is almost done.

I am excited about going home soon, but the Monday I get back we have the "Dental Appointment". This time I do have Valium and I really hope we are finished with this implant saga after this trip.

We have our tickets for St. Augustine and hotel reservations and we are looking forward to a vacation. I cannot believe how much airfare in the U.S. has increased, it is now about double to fly anywhere.

I did have to laugh at the CNN Tea Party debates today. CNN does not support any Tea Party ideas. Wolf does not like any conservatives.  And why the hell was Newt even there, no one is going to vote for Newt. And if it is true that those new Obama buses were made in Canada, I am stunned. WTF. Campaign stumping in a vehicle built anywhere but the USA is stupid, for either candidate. The UAW is gonna give a pass on this, whoa, I do not think the rank and file will find this okay. And the southern states with the transplants, nope, not them either. They would be better off using pedi-cabs to explain the new job creation plan.

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