Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mrs. Sir is at it again

 Well we had a little dust up this evening.

Big Daddy is having to work all kinds of hours as the "shall not be named" German and Indian yahoos cannot agree that they are equally the stupidest ass-hats in the universe. When someone tells you it won't work, then when it does not work, and then when you do it again and it still does not work, WTF, call it a duck. So BD comes back to the hotel and I told him order dinner now as it takes forever and he has to go back to work and convince the peeps they really are stupid.

 So at 5:30 we order dinner, 2 burgers and 2 salads. Promised in 30 minutes and that is normal delivery. The dinner arrives and the room service dude tries to take the food off the rolling table and serve it on the bed. That is when we chase his ass out the door. Then we notice it is not really a service for 2 and the table is broken. So me being a literal white woman, I decide I can fix this. Wrong. Took 2 more hours for any food that was edible and on a flat surface.

This time instead of a committee of 4 it took a management meeting of 8. I learned a few things.

It is a cultural norm to eat your meals on your bed in China.

It is okay to bring a broken table to your room if you apologize.

Some of the managers will hide in the hall and cry if you ask for a manager. BD found Daisy in the hall when he went to look for a manager.  She is the manager.

The hotel does not want me to assist in training.

The night manager wants to take me to the Hot Springs as a treat.  (Asked twice in front of hubs)

A very expensive bottle of wine and fine chocolates will make anything better. If you are Chinese. Sent by the manager with another request for the Hot Springs trip.

Bad news of the day, when BD sent the first broken table back he also sent back my rose. I am now short a rose and only have 3.

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