Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Big Daddy has a big head

Big daddy has almost no hair on his head. This little ring of hair that is really quite light in color circles his head. He keeps it quite short so as not to call attention to his head, kinda opposite say Donald Trump or Donald King. 

When BD's hair grows it looks bad, really bad. So he needs constant maintenance on his hair. It is worse than my blond hair. But BD will not pay fancy salon prices for his hair care. So he mostly gets crappy hair cuts here in China. Even when they shave him bald by mistake it is still crappy. They always miss a few hairs.

Last night it really cooled down here and we went for a walk before dinner. Lo and behold we went down Shaanxi and there were hair places open and working on hair-do type things. It was pitch black at 6 PM so no problem seeing into the shops. I dragged BD into a Chinese hair salon and got them to work before he knew what hit him. As you know we do not speak Chinese and as usual they do not speak English. It worked out quite well.

BD had a sit-in-the-chair shampoo that lasted almost 30 minutes. I do not think his showers take that long. I got bored and had a chair massage. There was lots of chatter and who knows what was said. There was a Shanghai whore boy trying for blond hair but he never got better than orange and light melon. BD also got the chair massage and then his precision cut.

Cost: about 52 U.S. dollars for 2 sit up massages, a shampoo that will keep that head shiny for weeks and a precision haircut, plus . . .Kerastase shampoo for men.

It was one of the best walks ever.

Tomorrow the dinner Mr. Shiny made when we got home.

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