Friday, September 2, 2011


I am almost sure that every ex-pat gets the Shang lows. It just happens.

This is the asparagus that Big Daddy ordered from Ning Hai. I have never in my life seen bigger asparagus, and yes it looks quite woody.

I found a fabulous recipe on Blackened Out for a salad with heirloom tomato and Bleu cheese dressing, it sounded divine. They also had a good wine tip, check out this site if you have any interest in cooking, eating and drinking. So any way, everything on the menu was probably available in Shanghai. We were kind of excited.

Then the doom and gloom patrol of Mao came along and stopped all the trains. For some unknown reason none of the trains could finish out their circuits yesterday. It is not like they found something wrong or are fixing shit, they just did not want to run  the trains. Because any sane person would know that if there is really something wrong here, well, someone would say so. Nope. Just did not feel like finishing the train run. So BD stays in Ning Hai and I pout.

This morning I got a delivery for food, BD ordered the stuff for the special dinner. There were 2 tomatoes, enough Romaine lettuce to feed all of Shanghai, and this asparagus along with some assorted food items. WTF.

This is of course when I found out something is wrong with our refrigerator. I don't know about your fridge but my experience is when there are huge hunks of ice in the fridgey portion and water all over the inside you have a big fucking problem.

Bon Appetit.

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