Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mr. Shiny heads dinner

Oops almost forgot this one. For years Big Daddy has talked about pasta carbonara as something we should eat. Something about raw eggs and pasta just made me vomit when I thought about it. BD is a pasta whore and would eat it with nothing but pasta, well maybe some oil and basil. The other day Blackened Out had a recipe for this dish and it read pretty good. Nice picture, easy and rather fast to make and made sense on the eggs. My first tentative step was to inquire about the availability of safe eggs in China. Bingo they have them. Now I will be the first to admit they may be phony like some of the hairy crabs, and the stickers that say they are okay could be just as phony as the hairy crab "genuine stickers" that the newspaper warned us about, but what the hell. This turned out great. I mean really good. I can see this in rotation for quick meals. And with whole wheat pasta not a bad fiber source.

That is another thing that makes me laugh, talking about fiber and our diets. We never talk about the truth of the matter, you need something to push the shit out. Just how we need more fiber.

My next new love of the week is Dancing With The Stars. It is so hilarious I cannot stop talking about it. List of things that are just too funny:

Nancy Grace's hair, for goodness sakes, if ABC can't make it better, no one can. It is pitiful. Rogaine.

The Kardashiens, or however you spell their name, it is just wrong. Period.

George Clooney's ex, babe you need 10 pounds and Berlitz, at the least. Don't think Rosetta Stone is gonna fix that enunciation.

The army guy made me cry, Chaz has small feet, and Ricki Lake needs better underwear if she is going to show her hiney.

Good thing I am going home on Sunday and will have new things to occupy my mind.


  1. There hasn't been a decent TV show since Father Knows Best.

  2. Wait - Leave it to Beaver was OK - and the Andy Griffith Show - and the Sopranos, and Dexter and West Wing and maybe 1,000 others

  3. When your TV picks are on the Internet in China, decent shows are not optional. Dollar movies from the shady guy at the corner are premium. Although I must say I did get Mildred Pierce, The Kennedys, and the infamous Drop Dead Diva. and the damn Potter movies.

    Seriously though, I have enjoyed The Closer with Kyra Sedgewick (hope I spelled that right) and I really miss some of the Travel channel shows. Still waiting for The Help.