Sunday, September 18, 2011

More good news and bad news

The good news:

So far Delta has not cancelled our flight home.

The rest is bad news.

One of the wicker type chairs on the balcony died last night. It has been wobbly. We put the broken chair in the stairway and moved the smaller chairs from the back balcony to the living room balcony. The one good chair I stuck next to the entry door just to get it out of way and then I noticed that this is a horrible spot for a chair. I have wanted a Chinese type chair in that spot forever. Not gonna work. Another dream dashed. So no chair by the door and only one chair on the back balcony.

We could buy another chair but . . . well when we found out they were not going to renew Big Daddy's contract (cause the Chinese have figured out all they need to know about engineering) BD has been looking for a new job. He has some decent prospects. This means you don't buy more shit that you can't ship home.

When he was falling off the chair last night he mentioned he might have an interview when we get home, in the state of Nebraska. I almost fell off my sturdy chair. All I know about Nebraska is that it is somewhere west of Iowa. I do not think they have airports in Nebraska. He said it is a really small town. There is a just a bit bigger town 20 minutes away. There is nothing to do there so he would probably travel all the time. Probably by bus. Or dog-sled, I am not sure. So instead of buying a chair I am saving for an all terrain vehicle.

On a different subject, the only time I am afraid in China is when I think of disasters. Yes, the hotel did tell me to take my laundry off the balcony when the typhoon was close, but that is not enough for me. So for the last 2 days there have been what sounds like air-raid sirens going off. When you look around no one seems to pay any attention. But again, these are not the most educated and aware people. This is creepy. And the U.S. Consulate contacts you by email and we all know how the Internet works here.


  1. I drove through Nebraska 30 years ago and it had natural beauty of the John Ford but not rocky variety. Around Grande Platte, I thought, was very pretty.

    Honestly, aren't you ready to move along? This does not sound like it's been a happy experience for you.

  2. Yes, we are ready to move on. But I am a city girl and was hoping for Brazil or Chicago or even North Carolina.

    We lived in the country when we were first married and it was a nightmare.

  3. Nebraska sounds like all kinds of heaven to me. I would go there tomorrow if I was in China. Hell - I would sign on and go to Afghanistan for a tour of duty.