Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A first for me

I worked 1.5 hours overtime and will get paid for doing so. I am so damn pleased. I used to work all the extra hours for the same price as working 40, and this feels so much better. I keep humming that Money, Money, Money song. I would look it up and post it, but I am exhausted.

I bought a new phone over the Internet yesterday, my Sprint phone does not work at the house and at the plant so what good is it? I am getting a Razr (sp) from Verizen with a bunch of toys. We will see if this works out. Verizen is overnighting it to Big Daddy's work as his admin will sign for it. And he promised not to do more than just charge it up.

I have shoes and underwear for the wedding so I believe I am done shopping. I need to get a dress hemmed and that is that.

The Mormons are slowly trying to move back into the fire house, we have new Slavs and otherwise the neighborhood is quiet.

Need to eat dinner and start it all over again tomorrow, with less drama I hope. I will have to describe the nightmare at work, it is really hilarious.


  1. Or, "She works hard for the money..."
    Yea, OT.
    And, this old grandma is here to tell you, you will love that phone. My first clue was my grandson, "Why does grandma need that much phone?" If you want it, it's in there.

  2. My main indirect problem is Wells Fargo. They are starting to act obsessive compulsive and interfering with someone I love.