Thursday, July 11, 2013

I am home

I cannot believe I did not take one picture. Except that I forgot to take my phone charger so I was quite stingy with the phone time, my boss borrowed a charger for me once, good but that only went so far.

Knoxville was the same, hot and humid. It was quite green but they are under flash flood watches. Only rained the last day where we were and late in the afternoon so it was not too bad. I had to watch what I ate after the food issue last week but I did get to finally try Chick-fil-A and it was great. Best fast food ever and I don't eat fast food.

Delta and I got along fine as it was not really a Delta flight, just a Delta Connection. The Hilton at the airport was acceptable, the best part of that hotel was the bar. The a/c was the loudest I have ever heard and the sound-proofing was non-existent.

Can't say much about the plant except 10 hour days in 110 degrees and it is no wonder my pants needed pulling up all the way home. Of course maybe they just stretched.

Big Daddy got me a new car while I was gone so will have to look at that tonight when he comes home. He is driving it one last time to make sure it is okay for me, yea right. Then I need to take it in for the remote start to be installed and my phone to be sync'd up. Also looks like a clip is not engaged in the side of the console.


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    1. No way, it is a Ford Fusion. Would not own a GM unless it was the only one available. Same for Chrysler, nada. But I have to drive a UAW car in the line of work that I do. The Saab made life hard once in a while but it was worth it.