Friday, July 5, 2013

The day after

Well the fireworks were mild in my opinion, although it is an opinion formed by the exuberant fireworks in Shanghai. Sammy was restless but not too bad although the noise continued well after midnight.

My road trip went well and my boss talked a lot about how things are handled and how support works so well worth my time. He also alluded to Mr. No Fun getting on people's nerves with his weird attitude. If it is not happening to you it is hilarious and he did a fantastic mimic of him.

I think the Big Boss has been neglecting some duties and I was sent the long discussed contract to sign and return. I was pleasantly surprised to see that anything over 40 hours is time and a half. That is the worst part of this job, there is OT and it is random and almost always a surprise. Now to be able to sit/stand/whatever and repeat the mantra "big money" will make it so much more pleasant.

I spent over an hour talking to my Sprint representative explaining that I have between one and no bars on my phone. We went through the zero value added rebooting and adding and all kinds of bullshit and at the end I still had zero to one bar. At one point he tells me to get next to a window. I did not blow and tell him what a ridiculous requirement that would be to be able to use a phone-I told him I was next to an 8 foot doorwall on 2 sides and it was the biggest window in my house. So at the end of the day he has declared that my 1 year old phone from Sprint is a piece of shit and I need to go to the Sprint store and get my face slapped for wasting his time. I am hopeful Verizon will be better and the transition will be somewhat painless. That will be next week or next month.

For today, rain, rain go away.

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