Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What does she do all day?

That is the question my customers are asking about me. You see, they have enormous problems with my parts and they are quite distraught. They think I should be sitting at their feet and while I give them foot rubs and make sure they have drinks and snacks-my total attention should be focused entirely on them and their problems.

Here is the deal. This plant builds multiple vehicles and I have parts on every car including the one they are trying to launch. At what moment in time could anyone possible think that my company is so bad that the spawn of the devil would not work with us and alternatively believe that every other part I ship into this joint is pristine and problem free? Dudes I am one busy bitch and it is my job to make you think that I am not busy, but again I do not need assignments like go measure shit with Popsicle sticks. Geesh.

Some asshat put sponge tape directly on the painted body of one finished vehicle to try and hide a gap. I agree this is the ugliest ass thing I have ever seen, but really at this point in time it is more funny than anything and there are people sending out emails as if Iran fired a nuclear warhead at Israel. There is a reason some people can make money building cars and some cannot.

I am still waiting on underwear for the wedding and I need a handbag. I have no time for this.