Sunday, July 7, 2013

Yowza, and I am flying Chiquita Banana airlines

You know everyone says some of those Asian airlines are the cat's ass, I just never bought into it. I mean as much as I despise Delta the grey haired but young looking guys up front give me a bit of confidence that the plane will make it to the destination in one piece. I flew Chinese airlines domestically and felt that whatever will be, will be. But one thing that always gave me pause, these people cannot speak good, solid, understandable English. Makes you wonder if they are hesitant to take on the busy US air traffic control with their poor language skills. And losing face. Unlike the pilots on Chiquita airlines who do not seem to notice when they are losing face. Sometimes I wonder if the kids can spell airline. One Christmas day our flight was carrying a large group of stranded Pinnacle pilots and I heard one of the pilots tell a part time flight attendant that she made more money than he did. Does not give me confidence.

So anyway, tomorrow I take off for Knoxville for another work trip. This one should be fun. Big Daddy is dropping me off and picking me up at the airport mostly to save me time when I get in. Getting picked up at the curb versus taking the shuttle saves about a half an hour and we are arrive mid evening.

Punkin Head called and we have finalized the menu for the rehearsal dinner, biggest hurrah will be the shrimp and grits. Also a wild mushroom risotto so everyone should have something to eat. We are only serving 2 white wines and beer. PH says a nice Pinot Gris  and also a Sauvignon Blanc should cover it. Then a coffee and brandy, along with the chocolates in the bar for the old folks after. It should be fine. Oh, and I made an appointment with the hairdresser for uglier than shit hair I now sport, let us hope she is talented.

This is going to be a fast month, I leave Monday, The Fiancee leaves Monday, when we get back Punkin Head flies to Portland, Oregon for a job interview, the next up is the wedding. I need shoes.


  1. I tried grits for the first time a week or so ago. Interesting.....

    1. Shrimp with grits and cheese, some people swoon. Not me.