Monday, July 22, 2013

The lost weekend

Sunday evening and they are still working.

Friday evening we had a thunderstorm. Sunday evening about bedtime out electricity finally came back on. We did not have fun this weekend. It was hot and sweaty and sleeping was horrible. We were the last sector to have the power restored.

We found out Big Daddy really hates paying for Starbucks coffee when the clerk makes fun of him for not knowing the size of the containers. We then switched to gas station coffee. We have the cleanest refrigerator ever as we had to throw most everything out. We are out of clothes.

I got the ugly shoes for the wedding, I got highlights for my ugly hair and I am getting my dress hemmed for the rehearsal dinner. I have to check on the truffles for shipping and I have a couple deliveries I am waiting for.

All my appliances arrived and I am in heaven. My Razr phone is great and works in the plant and a little better than my Sprint phone at home. I have a Jet Pak for Internet and a juicy thing for charging. I also have the phone synced for the car and I love it.

Gotta get home and start laundry, then I can tell you fun stuff next time I can post.


  1. Oh be still my jealous heart. You have a car that syncs to your phone. Someday...

  2. I am still trying to work out the sizes of coffee mugs in the USA. They seem to be very large, enormous and gigantic.