Sunday, September 1, 2013

Dreary Day for Labor Day weekend

It looks like a bad day in November out there. It is muggy and not nice enough to plan on the smoker or grill. I am making soup in a bit and Big Daddy is going to boil a mess of shrimp and make a big salad for dinner. Nasty day.

The kids hired some packers to come and pack up the U-Haul and it will be fine. I just need to keep saying it, it will be fine. I sent some Ben Gay home with the DIL last week as they both have sore muscles from being the short-timers and being given the shittiest jobs on their last day at work. It happens.

Got to get some work done today and all I can do is keep wiping the big fat tears from my face. I never cried when he moved before. I don't know what is different, but this one hurts, maybe because the other ones went so smooth. When he went to college, well he was ready and rarin' to go and so were we. He was a child that needed to stretch out and feel the world. And as he moved and learned and changed it was all good.

But now I am used to him being close and will miss them both so much, this is so hard.

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