Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday tidbits

Can you guess what it is? I am starting to like this category. I have been berating myself for not taking more pictures and this could solve my problem. Here is a hint-it is inside my car. Yes that is a crappy assembly plant parking lot that has been plowed over one hundred times. No, I don't think the people who take care of the lots are union.

I think I found one of the Slav's enterprises. There used to be a fabulous Italian restaurant in the Woods, Bucce-it is now a sad caricature of it's former self. And most of the people working there now seem to be Slavs. And the "horror of a server" at the Kitchen Counter spent most of her time (when she was not telling patrons they were stupid) trying to do the Chef right there in front of most of us. And she had really badly dyed trying to be 90's red hair. One less place to spend my money. And it was really expensive to be screwed over that badly.

By the way, I did dress up for our first night out since Christmas and it was enlightening to remember how cold it is wearing a dress, how hard it is trying to find a place to get out of the car without boots, how careful one must be not to fall on one's ass walking to the restaurant. This is the Grosse Pointes for all that is holy, we cannot afford a smidge of salt?

Last Friday I called my old boss and inquired if they had any plans for me after Valentines Day. That is when my hours would revert to 15 hours a week. I explained as that was not acceptable I would need to be seriously considering the "opportunities available in this short period of time".  Yesterday I got a call from my current boss, very curt by the way, asking what I knew about Car City. I played dumb, but it looks to me like I may be going to Car City and current boss may start having to work a full time job again.

Sammy Dog and I are so tired of this snow. There is no more room for the snow. I cannot make a left turn out of my lane without saying a prayer as you can no longer see if you are gonna get T-boned or not. And the tire spinning on trying to get going is hilarious. And we are supposed to get more snow tomorrow. Yippee.

Oh, speaking of Sammy the Spanky Dog, I bought him a new sweater on Amazon. It seemed a bit large but he was okay with it. Big Daddy came in a bit later and remarked on the strange attire Sammy was wearing. He had somehow squiggled the sweater down and now the turtleneck collar was under his front legs and his hind legs were in the front arm holes. Almost a strapless gown, but with pants.  And he seemed quite a bit happier.


  1. Rubber gasket window retainer!
    All this snow may be sharpening my wits. Or not.
    I could not navigate that parking lot.

  2. Yepper, and if Big Daddy does not get this car fixed I am gonna have to have a rant. My car did get semi stuck last week and I was so happy when it finally broke free.

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