Sunday, February 9, 2014

New adventures

Sammy Dog trying to convince us an empty bowl is a problem. He sits and softly grrs for attention, the he starts flipping and pushing the bowl all over the house. Then he gets the food, he takes a look and goes and snuggles in for a nap.  The orange safety vest is something I wear every day in the plants, isn't it attractive?

I received a text Saturday night asking me if I was prepared to transition to Car City this Tuesday. Will see how this is gonna work Monday and how current boss handles this change. It will be nice to say ta-ta to people that I like and have grown to appreciate.

Big Daddy printed off 2 different map routes for my trip, just in case there are backups and construction. It will be a longer drive-but as it is all freeway it won't take that much longer than what I am driving now on surface streets.

We are making chili for dinner, I finally finished and sent the recipe to Badger, and we are still fighting over how to make it. I taught Big Daddy how to cook the basics and then he soared as a fabulous cook. But I am still protective of my few recipes and how things taste. It is funny how this all worked out, and how Punkin Head takes after his dad in cooking. Good thing as it is not good to starve like I do when left alone.

Oh, it snowed again today and the crew came to clean the driveway again today.

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