Sunday, February 2, 2014

Standing Rib Roast 4 ways

I am joking

Bet ya can't guess what that is.

Well, I am treating the blister on the back of my heel from the Uggs.

We have lots more snow and I cannot believe I never had proper clothes for this weather. We never had weather like this for a very long time.

Big Daddy is off to get Sammy the Spanky dog from the dog Salon and Spa. This morning when he got Sammy's coat from the closet I thought the pup would pass out from excitement. Little did he know he was just going for a bath and a hair cut. And he whined the whole damn ride.

I called my old boss and very tactfully asked if I was out of a job after February 14 and if I should be pursuing the few new opportunities available. He is leading me to believe life is grand and I am not buying into all the bullshit quite yet. Plans have changed though and my next assignment might be quite a drive.

Seriously though, we are having a standing rib roast with Yorkshire pudding and brussel sprouts and a chopped salad for dinner. And leftovers will be hash for later in the week and frozen.

Continued: We did get some snow, it is either not that much or no one cares anymore. Big Daddy is making a New Orleans dinner, TBA. I did not get my neck thingie from Amazon but the seller already filled out my response stating he is a 5 star seller. And I never got a pearl bracelet from my horrid eBay experience, and that was the only damn thing I wanted. Life is good.


  1. Some broken object on the grate and "coned" off. Not a clue. The job business sounds precarious; on the other hand, a new one could be warmer.