Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine's Day and all that nonsense

This was the worst idea ever. I had this heart shaped spring-form cake pan that had not been used, ever. We have had it for about 15 years and just never used the damn thing. Big Daddy makes this wonderful hot milk sponge cake with a coconut-walnut broiled topping. So I suggested he make it in the heart pan for Valentine's Day. Bad idea. Cake came out too dense and too weird. But it was a great idea. Should probably give the pan to the thrift shop.

Something I have harped on for years has come to pass. GM is recalling cars because the ignition switch cannot take the load of 4 million keys, discount cards and rabbit's feet. Just when did it become fashion to put every key that one might use in one's lifetime on one key ring, that is ludicrous. And then hang it from your car ignition and think that all is fine.

I called my nail gal for a quick manicure on Friday. I was not able to get an appointment  so I went to AJ Nails for an Asian quickie. It was all I remembered from China, the worst of the worst and no massage or care technique but much cheaper for a slam and bam job. I hate it when they all chatter in another language while we all sit there wondering if they are talking about us.

Monday is my new location day and I do not have my new lime green vest. I am rather upset. Life can be a bitch.


  1. Looks as if the sponge cake simply became dunkers.

  2. It was okay but not great like the original.