Friday, February 28, 2014

I wish I had a picture . . . of Dick

Okay, I am almost really nuts with this second shift. I have to repeat certain things to myself to stay the course sometimes. This week, actually this day was "4 of 5" and tomorrow it will be "5 of 5"---and over thank goodness. It is like perpetual jet lag. And Saturday morning I have a pedicure at 9AM so Big Daddy will be getting me up and there and maybe duck taping me upright in the pedicure chair. I hope he picks a good polish.

I bought new pillowcases for my bed, silk. I read some blog that advocated a silky type pillow case but it was polyester and not cheap. So I went on a search for a silk pillow case and found one I liked that was actually less and I took a chance. They seem nice to a sleep deprived zombie woman and maybe it was a fluke but I did not have to do anything to my hair this morning. And I am the Queen of the morning scary hair.

I had some bad news yesterday, the Mophie that I was so proud of is not compatible with Android tablets. This is bad because I lost money on this deal-but it is worse because I have been religiously using it and never noticed it did not work. Until yesterday when my new tablet died. WTF. So now I have Big Daddy's Sony unit and who are you guys gonna tell how stupid I am. This new technology is
not cheap and does not come with great instructions so I am feeling my way along. I am better equipped than some of my peers, which is important in my age group. Which brings me to Dick.

There is this engineer (from my company) that I work with that seems to have a problem with me. I am pretty sure it is a woman thing, he is from a segment of society that does not like working with women, or maybe he is just an asshole to everyone. Everyday that I see him he asks if I have reworked the parts. Everyday I tell him no, because I have never been trained to rework the parts. This rework is very important to him, especially the part about me doing it as he is a lazy ass. He is also too lazy to train me to rework the parts. And the guy that is supposed to train me just does not do it, mention it, nothing. So from now on we will call the rework drama queen, Dick.

Dick also asked me if I would go out and get him food as he never ate the entire day. Not even breakfast, he was too busy. There is a fast food joint a mile from the plant so I did not feel real sorry for him. One more time and I am gonna tell him to get his lazy ass in gear.

I gotta stay awake for 1 more hour.

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