Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Why engineers make me crazy

Daffodils on Monday.

Okay I am counting off the days of this week like a little kid waiting for Christmas.

Did I ever happen to mention that Detroit has few to no street lights, just in case you don't follow this horrid story in the news? So you are driving the freeways in the fucking dark at 80 miles an hour because you are trying to get away from the semis on your rear bumper, or more properly-your rear fascia. And I have noticed, dodging pot holes in the dark is quite a bit more of a competitive sport. It is only a matter of time I break a wheel and it is going to be ugly. Because it is fucking freezing again.

Okay, so the junior engineer is trying to explain all the reworks to me-he and I are the two lone company reps on this second shift nightmare. I was aghast but understood the cutting off of a part of the molded detail. But when he told me they were removing one millimeter of the surface in this area he kinda showed me with a scale, well all I could say was, "Just how the hell are you doing that"?  They are taking a Dremel and skinning down the surface. One millimeter. That is not only impossible, it is ludicrous. Then they are marking everything reworked in purple, which is really hot pink.

I had to get a new tablet as the Nexus just was not up to the job. Now I have a Samsung and can do all the work so far necessary on the tablet---so I do not have to crate up the laptop and carry it around. And I am using the new wheeled back pack, and without the laptop and cords and bullshit--it is all doable. If I could find a smaller roller back pack I would give this one to Big Daddy. It is a bit more than I really need.


  1. I hated engineers. They always obsoleted parts when they redesigned. Hello, guys, that's money sitting out in the warehouse. No one can turn it back into dollar bills if it's obsoleted and just sits there. They didn't get it.

  2. I usuaLLy forget about the daffodils at my old house or remember to plant some more at the old house and some at the new one.