Saturday, May 10, 2014

Howdy folks

Big Daddy got this orchid at Trader Joe's for 15 bucks in a real clay pot. I am thinking it is a mis-marked delight for us.

I hate to say this but I think I may only be able to blog once a week for a while. I am so damn busy and tired that I can't even put the toothpaste away everyday. The upside is they pay me O/T over 40 hours and that is some sweet money.

I am in the process of hiring someone today to clean and do the gardening, we have no time for this work. I have convinced Big Daddy we need help, and while I have to work to keep my sanity . . that means there is extra money to pay for help.

Work is hilarious right now, busy as hell but stupid as always. I have a sort company that thinks I am supposed to bend to their will and they are also so stupid they can't find the address and phone numbers they need to start the sorts. I almost want to ask them if they realize they are the stupidest fucks in the plant.

I had a conference call Friday late afternoon to discuss why this one plant is so fucked up they can't ship a good part. The customer tells me this has gone on for 9 years and the Responsible Person For Our Company on the call said this is all my fault. I was officially in charge the past Monday. Do you see why I pee my pants laughing? This bitch wants better communication from me and actually "made fun" of something I said on the call. Game on. Like I told my boss, who was also on the call, I can help you or I can watch you fall on your ass. I can also send you shit every day with special made overnight containers for 8AM delivery. Can't wait till your controller gets the bills.

I have this new hair stuff that you brush on your roots in-between touch-ups to hide the gray. It is great, it is like eye shadow for the hair. I almost made myself cry laughing at one review that stated the product did not last after shampoo, how stupid is that woman.

Dinner today is BBQ shrimp, cole slaw, baked beans and a fabulous veggie.

I got a mani-pedi and need to relax and get some shit together for Monday.

And the Wicked Witch is coming to visit on Tuesday, that gives me all day Monday to make her life hell.


  1. Oh, yeah, cleaners and gardeners. Oh, wait. I also call them grandchildren.
    I hope you can make a dent in the stupidity.