Monday, May 19, 2014

This could get ugly

We apparently have bad parts. Bad as in they don't fit and work. They suck.

The engineers left it to me to fix this. They did not tell me what to fix, just how to fix it.

Yep they are asshats. And the fix does not work.

They just do not want to get me the information in a timely fashion; engineers work late into the evening because they can't get up in the morning. And then they all must have a hearty lunch. And obviously they have no home life or hate their home life-because they sit around all evening complaining about their jobs and other shit.

Pretty much engineers are total asshats.

So I fixed it and made arrangements for everything to be fine.

And now the engineers are screaming that they don't like the way I did it. Because I did it my way.


  1. Well, I'd sign off on it. Tell them you already have approval.

    1. They are so cranky, they don't know about mama not being happy.

  2. I would always do it your way. You seem to be the only sane on there.

    1. Thanks, I appreciate the pat on the back.