Sunday, May 4, 2014

Way too busy or just plain in a daze

I can't believe I have not written in so long, the days just seemed not so much to fly by -more like they just kept showing up early. Day after day. It has been difficult going back to 8 hours and this plant requires much more in email and reporting. And it is such a crazy time I just need time to decompress and not think when I get home.

Big Daddy took some time off and intended to finish the wall papering project. You remember the one I started last year, about a year ago. Well, I stamped my foosies and demanded this commence and finish in record time. There was a worthless breakfast nook, a counter attached to the wall and it was time to let it go. When BD finally got it off the wall he told me Don had built it for an elephant to sit on it. And there was a board still nailed to the wall. The board had to come down and that took almost another day of work. And typical Don, he signed the wall where he built this. Everything in this house is signed, or has a plaque or is commemorated in the "book" he left.

The Slavs are on an outdoor mission and I am in awe. First they put enough statues and flower pots on the front porch (4 X 4) to rival the garden club. Then they placed cheap, tawdry and crooked solar lights in the front and back landscaping. Finally they took out the dead tree (this is the one they cut the limbs off last spring) with a hand saw and I think a serving spoon. The Big Kahuna told BD they are going to have a vineyard in the back 40. That would be the back 40 feet, not acres. Can't wait to drink that wine.

My latest physical ailment is my right foot. I thought there was something wrong a month or so ago, prolly six weeks. Last week I got a tinge when I was leaving the plant and the next morning when I was walking there was a crunching sound. It is the top of my foot just before the toes that causes the pain. There is no swelling or bruising, just a soreness at times and pain when there is certain weight put on it while walking. It is getting better, but twice in a few months I think I need to see a doctor. And there is no time right now. Bummer.

I am really unhappy with this latest job and I must keep a good thought or at least keep in mind that I can say fuck off when I feel it is time. Time could be Monday morning. More on that later.


  1. I am not too busy to write, just too busy to edit and hit the publish button. I must go to work now and print something then install an air conditioner before someone secretly kiLLs me.

  2. I have that foot problem. For me it is called arthritis. I take Advil to keep it under control but often have difficulty walking.

  3. Jeepers Creepers that does not make me happy. We are way too young for arthritis.