Thursday, May 15, 2014

I can't remember anything

New Porch Pot. They will probably die, as soon as I bought them the night time temps dropped back down in the 40's. Hurray.

I had my teeth cleaned this morning and I told Chrissie I was pretty sure I had some horrible thing going on that I was sure was a fatal disease she needed to check for, but I could not remember what it was. She did not see anything suspicious.

I had something hilarious I saw recently that I knew I should blog about, can't remember what it was.

Memories, pressed between the pages of my mind, not.

Work is starting to just a tiny bit better. They sent a guy to shadow me and he has confirmed that management has lost their minds and keeps trying to tell me I am doing a great job. We will see. For some reason my laptop and tablet will not "talk" to the company system and I am waiting to see if they fix it or yell at me for not putting the shit in the system. Then I will remind them, again their system does not work.

Funny of the day:

And it is a work story. I try really hard to protect the identity of all involved in work life, but I think I can do this one okay. One of my parts sticks on the vehicle. The operator is supposed to prep the vehicle with an alcohol wipe and then remove the film on the tape. The operator then puts the part in an applicator and presses the part in place on the vehicle. I got a call that the part would not stick and is falling off the vehicle in station, which means when the operator puts it on.

Not only is the operator not using the alcohol wipe, he is also pulling the tape off 20 or 30 parts in advance and laying them sticky side down on his container. But his other operation on the job description is to spray lubricant on another part of mine so he can attach that part "home".

Why would you ask someone to put a part on in a clean environment after you lubed the fuck out of your gloves to get another part on. Gotta give kudos to the plant person who actually shook his head when he walked away from me.


  1. He sounds like some of the people you used to deal with in China.

  2. I am half-ing fun trying to figure out how to create a factory and run it. But I reaLLy just felt like staying home with Cooper today, I wiLL work eXtra hard tomorrow. It is his 9th birthday in 3 days. We played soccer today with a basketball, one of his favorite things outside.