Friday, May 23, 2014

It may not matter if you can afford the Affordable Care Act

Alert, female issues discussed below.

I have been having some odd symptoms of what I thought was my IBS. You know the odd pains and cramps and bloating and discomfort. But this went above and beyond past experiences. Then Thursday when I got home I arrived at the conclusion that none of this was IBS, I was experiencing abnormal and painful--- probably vaginal bleeding. And the color was not red. And I had not had a period for about 8 years.

I called my OB-GYN and was startled to learn that I could not get an appointment until September. I told the receptionist I could be dead by September. She told me of all the changes in the system due to the new ACA aka Obamacare. After much searching the earliest she can get me in is June 26.

I broke my rule and looked this up on the Internet and everything says not to panic, you probably do not have cancer, just other anomaly that are much better than cervical or uterine cancer. That makes me so happy. The information also suggested I will need the test where they put the catheter into the uterus to get cells for testing and yepper, I had that test in the past and it hurts like the dickens. I remember trying not to scream. But I don't have to worry about that until after the June appointment, and then only if I live beyond the next appointment for the test.

We do have insurance from Big Daddy's employer, very good insurance, and we pay around $7,500 a year in premiums alone. That does not include co-pays. And yes I am grateful we can afford the insurance.  And I still cannot get an appointment. What rot. They are trying to help me as a long term patient and June 26 is the best they can do. If the pain does not get too bad I should be okay as I once worked during a launch for one solid year having a period. That was not pleasant. If the pain gets too bad I may need to find one of those people that take Vicodin for a hangnail and borrow one.

So I called in sick for Friday as after all this came to light I could not stop crying. I am a cryer, when I am angry or hurt I cry. And there is a bitch at work trying to save her ass by throwing mine under the bus that was starting to rub me raw. You know the type, lie to your face and make you out to be the devil himself behind your back. She somehow convinced the manager of my department that a conference was needed to "bring me into line". My supervisor and I proved her to be less than forthcoming in her responses (the bitch never sent out the rework instruction to the rework company) and I told my supervisor another conference call with her was not value added and I did not feel I could listen to another negative bullshit call without getting in my car and driving far far away and then beating the tar out of that bitch.

Big Daddy is coming home today and I am trying to get around and deal with this.

I will be fine, it is just gonna take a day or two.


  1. I am so sorry, and I cannot believe you cannot be seen. My doctor would make room to see me that day, and get me referred to the appropriate specialty. And she hates ADA as much as I don't.

  2. When I called my Internist they pointed out establishing myself as a new patient with a new doctor could take much longer. And she is a very good doctor.

  3. Go to the emergency room. They will call your ob-gyn, who will then see you that day.

    1. Wow, great idea. Thanks as I am now brain dead.