Saturday, May 31, 2014

The rare something new in Automotive repping

The Help weeded and weeded and this is the curb on garbage day. There is Sammy's little pee spot on the left that we need to repair.

Repping, that is what I do. I am a Rep for a company, supplier, that goes into assembly plants and fixes shit. There are many titles for what I do and Rep is not in my title, but it is what I do and what many others do. It is also called taking a bullet for the company. Because when shit goes south I am the one standing there taking the blast.

Well, Friday I got to do something new, it is not often in this biz that anything is new. Picture yourself driving to your favorite medium sized parking lot. Maybe 200 cars. Then wandering around for awhile trying to find where the hell you are supposed to go. Going into a place and asking if anyone knows so and so and then getting an escort. I was finally directed to this obscure office in the back where many people were milling about. All sort of people from those looking homeless to suits and ties. I pushed through this mob and got in line. With a phone call and my ID I had secured a vehicle to look at from 3PM to 3:30 PM. Never before has this happened in my life. When it was my turn they handed me the keys to a launch or pre-production vehicle and gave me directions to the lot. I was told if I drove the vehicle to report the mileage when I returned. WTF. I could drive this bitch, and where was I allowed to go. Can you imagine calling and telling your boss you just wrecked this bitch, oh yea that would be great.

So I am wandering about this huge lot looking for the small numbering to indicate I found the right vehicle. There were many other people doing the same thing. Finally I had to resort to the panic button on the fob. Did my job and locked her up and returned my keys with a vehicle not driven report. But I would have loved to do that.

Speaking of vehicles, I don't know what the Slavs are doing over there but one of the cars in mix is a brand new Mercedes C Series. Can't be from the winery yet.


  1. You didn't even drive it around the lot?

    Those are a lotta weeds.

    1. Nope, too many people wandering and I was not sure I was really allowed to do that.