Saturday, August 9, 2014

IBS Strikes again.

Hail from a recent storm, not something we see often on my side of town.

I have been having a terrible time with this issue for the last couple weeks. Stress has been pretty bad so I guess that explains it. I had a melt down 2 nights ago-way too much stress. I was supposed to report out on what we did to make sure this part shipped without defects. And I did not have a clue and the Mexicans were not too eager to explain it to me, even in their favorite Spanglish language. And then there was the disastrous phone call from the Customer to the Quality Manager, you know the one where he told the him he "would give me a talking to" and then asked him if he worked for us. Umm, know I work for THE Customer. Awkward.

And speaking of "giving a talking to" that dude has no idea who he is dealing with.

One thing that I have in my back pocket, no one wants my job. No one with a brain anyway.

Funny of the week,

Email from one of the engineering group telling me I sent him an odd two-dimensional picture that makes no sense and can I go and take another one. Uh, no. You diss the picture come take your own asshole.

Then we were written up for caps falling off the parts. These caps protect the part until installation. It turns out these are the new caps to replace the caps that were too hard to pull off. Hilarious. Then my Quality Manager never responded because she cannot read and missed portion of the document that stated 24 hour response required. I have always thought she was not all that bright.

Punkin Head is heading home to Portland this afternoon and Big Daddy said he is ready to go home. Can't blame him, 7 days is a long time away from home. We are sending him with some truffles that we had at the rehearsal dinner and an early Christmas present. His anniversary was the 3rd and he was here and we are giving them cash so they can fly home to DIL's family for Christmas. Tickets between Portland and Boston skyrocket for the Christmas holidays.

I am hopeful it won't be so long between posts again, work is just killing me. It must be those odd 2 dimensional pics I am taking.

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