Friday, August 29, 2014

A week of sleep

The India silk bedclothes from a year or 2 ago.

The fabric up close.

Well, I for some reason woke and said, why are we not using the India silk bedding? And there you go it is on the bed in the guest room.

I took this week off from work and for the most part it worked out fine. The big boss called me early Friday morning about some missing parts and I was as vague as could be considering I did not yet have coffee. Today at the Marshall's checkout another guy called about his recalcitrant parts and I explained, who knew. No one bitched, I am shopping, the parts disappeared and really who cares at this moment in time. Guess he agreed.

There is a new Foundation in Grosse Pointe, I really don't have a lot of information but they are running a resale shop and it appears most of the worker bees have Downs Syndrome. So I took all my shit down there. This seems to be a rag tag shop at the moment so I took them my dress for the wedding, that was 500 bucks, the good fat clothes I bought, the couture cape I bought in China and a bunch of Chico's stuff. I hope they can make a buck off of it.

Went shopping for samples if I really have to go to Mexico as the boss does not pay for bags to be checked. You know shampoo and stuff. Got a few items at Marshalls, had lunch at PF Changs--never again.

It is cool enough if I can stay awake we can have another fire, and maybe light the candles in the back forty.


  1. I have finally caught up. You have been busy. Made your Chili for my friends in Australia and they loved it - even though I used a bit too much Chili.